The TechTV third anniversary party was last night at a nightclub in San Francisco. Actually it was just a couple of blocks north of PacBell Park so parking was a little tough. I found a spot relatively nearby, though, which was good because I didn't stay too long. I've been working for the company longer than anyone else there - seven years in July. The next most senior employees are folks hired for our old MSNBC show, The Site (including Kate who was in IT at The Site). That's only a handful of people who have been around more than five years. Now there are over 500 employees, most of them hired in the past year. I hardly knew anyone. It was very weird! The music was too loud and it was hard to talk and I'm an old fuddy-duddy so I left after an hour or so. I wasn't exactly in the mood to talk with any management types, anyway. I might have said something I'd regret. (When have I ever done that? ;-) Now if there had been dancing that might have been a different story. In any event, I have no gossip. Anything truly tawdry happened long after I drove off into the night. In years past these parties got quite wild - and I admit to having some hand in that. I guess we're all getting a little more staid as we get to be a real corporation. Or maybe everyone's just too tired! I have a feeling we'll have a little more fun in Austin, though. Nearly the entire Screen Savers crew is coming. And we have Saturday evening off. Heee yaw!
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