Movie Night with Mostly Lisa

We're trying something new tomorrow night. Join Lisa Bettany for an Oscar night party. Watch her and watch the Oscars, starting at 5p Pacific, only on TWiT Live!


Amber Has Her Baby!

Amber sent out this tweet this morning...

Hi! @chrisdick and I are thrilled to welcome our son Connor into the world this morn at 2:45am! We are all healthy and happy!

link: Twitter / ambermacarthur

I am resisting the urge to say "pictures or it didn't happen." Congratulations Amber and Chris!!!


Google Hates Us All

I guess I know what the topic will be on the radio show today.

UPDATE: Google’s response is here. Seems that someone left a slash ‘/’ on a line by itself in the list of spyware sites – which means all sites were flagged.The problem occurred from 6:30 to 7:25 Pacific Saturday morning.

This is an incredibly stupid error and shows how vulnerable the net is. Also, where do I turn off phishing filtering in my Google results?


25 With A Bullet

Everyone knows these lists are silly, but I do want to thank Forbes for putting me back on the list of Top 25 Web Celebs. I was #17 in 2007, dropped off in 2008, and made it by the skin of my teeth this time. Who knows why. Probably because they know I’ll link to them here.

webcelebCongratulations to my fellow TWiTs who also made the list, Kevin Rose, Jason Calacanis, and John C. Dvorak. I think we’ll do a TWiT this week featuring just people on the list. (Eight out of the 25 have appeared on TWiT shows at one time or another.) Champagne and caviar are on me.


Windows 7: Snap!

I’ve installed the Beta of Windows 7 nearly everywhere. OK I still have a few installs of Vista, and even XP, around, but more and more I’m dissatisfied with these older versions of Windows -- 7 just seems to run better and look better. Even in beta I think it’s the best version of Windows since the late, lamented 2000. That’s one of the reasons I started the (admittedly tongue in cheek) “Release Windows 7” campaign, despite mocking from my friend, Paul Thurrott.

So far, Windows 7 has worked with everything I’ve thrown at it, with one significant exception. snap! The 64-bit version doesn’t work with Google’s Chrome browser. I don’t really need Chrome, but I use it to turn the Google Calendar, Google Docs, and Gmail (all of which I do need) into desktop icons. I’m sure Google will fix this soon, and I can survive without it.

But now comes the news that Windows 7’s UAC-lite doesn’t work very well. Turns out malware can turn it off without any notification. Nice. Microsoft has, once again, compromised security for convenience. I’m sure we’ll talk about this on Windows Weekly. (We’re recording at 3p Eastern today on TWiT Live or subscribe on iTunes).

Fortunately, there’s an easy fix: turn UAC up. Click the Action Center flag in your system tray, open the Action Center, then Change UAC Settings. uacMove the slider up to the top of the range and you’re done. Phew!

Now I can go back to my campaign to release Snow Leopard!