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Leo's Twitter Updates For The Week Of 2009-03-29

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Twitter Snitter

Proof that the Twitter hype is nothing new. This is Hugh McLeod's Gaping Void cartoon from two years ago! Claran Norris dredged it up in a post this week on Search Engine Land.

And for those who thought my tweet about hitting 100,000 followers was gauche, at least I didn't put out a press release!


Tired of Twitter Talk? Me Too!

Got this email today from my friend Ben:

Leo, I'd like to propose a challenge.

Next weekend, while you're streaming, refrain from mentioning twitter. Both days. You're viewers and listeners love TWiT, but we're just afraid you have a problem, and we want you to get better. Give it a try?


Remember when the iPhone was the big story? People got awfully sick of that. I'm just as sick of talking about Twitter as you are listening to us talk about Twitter. The problem is that Twitter is a big story, and getting bigger all the time. We talk about it because it's one of the biggest stories of the day. I understand if you're bored with it, but we can't ignore stories just because some of our listeners have heard enough about them.

I refer you to the great radio newsman Scoop Nisker, who signed off every newscast on KSAN in San Francisco with the words,

If you don't like the news, go out and make some of your own!

I look forward to covering your great leap forward!


Twitter Hacked

This morning at around 9am Pacific "under 50" of the most-followed Twitter users lost control of their accounts, including Barack Obama, CNN's Rick Sanchez, Fox News, and me. Both my password and the reset email address were modified. As far as I know the hacker didn't post on my account, but Fox News tweeted "Bill O'Reilly is gay" and Rick Sanchez announced that he was taking the day off because he was on crack. Twitter was quick to remove these spurious posts and block the hacker. But what really happened? I got this explanation from Twitter's John Adams, @netik, via Qik on my iPhone at the Tweetup at the 21st Amendment tonight. According to John, the hacker gained access to Twitters admin tools.
[qt:http://leoville.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/200901twitterhack.mov 480 400]

Are You A Qwitter?

Thanks to Qwitter, now I'll know when people stop following me on Twitter. Of course, Gruber stopped following me years ago.